Hangman Island

Hangman Island, also known as Hayman's Island, is an island in the Quincy Bay area of the Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area. The island is a barren outcrop of bedrock, with a permanent size of half an acre rising to only three feet above sea level, plus an intertidal zone of a further 5 acres (20,000 m2). Access is by private boat only.[1][2]

The source of its current name has a hazy history. On a 1775, London chart, this island was labeled Hayman's Island and shows a greater area than presently exists. There is no historical evidence that this island was used as a location for hanging criminals. During the American Civil War, targets were placed on the island for artillery practice for troops training at Camp Adams.[3] In 1882, several fishermen built fishing shacks on Hangman Island and were reported to have cultivated a vegetable garden here among the rocks.[4]


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42°17′24.25″N 70°58′14.28″W / 42.2900694°N 70.9706333°W / 42.2900694; -70.9706333

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