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Hairenik (Armenian: Հայրենիք meaning "fatherland") is an Armenian language weekly newspaper published by the Hairenik Association in Watertown, Massachusetts, United States. The newspaper belongs to the Armenian political party – Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF). The newspaper reflects the views and opinions of ARF as well as Armenian diaspora organizations – ANCAs (Armenian National Committee of America).[1]


The newspaper, serving the Armenian American community, was established as a weekly in on May 1, 1899, making it one of the longest-running Armenian publications.[2] It moved to Boston, Massachusetts in 1900, then to Watertown in 1986.[citation needed]

In June 1913, it started publishing once every two days, and in December 1915, it became a daily newspaper, with continuous publication as such until 1991, when it was reduced to weekly publication due to declining readership.[citation needed]

It has had the involvement of prominent Armenian national figures as editors such as Arshak Vramian (1900–1907), Siamanto (1909–1911), Simon Vratsian (1911–1914), and Rouben Darbinian (1922–1968).[citation needed]

Hairenik published early stories by William Saroyan, such as "The Broken Wheel" (1933), written under the pen name "Sirak Goryan".[citation needed]


Leon Tourian was an Armenian Archbishop who was stabbed to the death by ARF members.[3][4][5][6] Before the assassination the Hairenik newspaper published threatening messages like:[7]

"Archbishop Tourian will be punished sooner or later. The day of reckoning will come." . . . "He is going to be sorry for it, and very sorry." . . . "He will get his share, I am sure." . . . "Until Tourian is punished ruthlessly, the bones of our martyrs will not rest in their places."

It offered $100 reward to someone who will "teach Tourian a lesson". Later on Tourian asked for police protection.[8]

The newspaper has been criticized for having quotes and thoughts which had sympathy to Nazism, Fascism, Antisemitism, Adolf Hitler, and "race worshipping" etc.[8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15]

Other Hairenik Association publications

Hairenik Association Inc. has also published :

  • Hairenik Monthly, from 1922 to 1967
  • Hairenik Quarterly, from 1968 to 1971
  • Armenian Weekly, an English language publication since 1932.[1]
  • The Armenian Review, an English language publication


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