1974 Pulitzer Prize

The following are the Pulitzer Prizes for 1974.

Journalism awards

  • Public Service:
    • Newsday, Garden City, New York, for its definitive report on the illicit narcotic traffic in the United States and abroad, entitled, The Heroin Trail.
  • Local General or Spot News Reporting:
    • Arthur M. Petacque and Hugh F. Hough of the Chicago Sun-Times, for uncovering new evidence that led to the reopening of efforts to solve the 1966 murder of Valerie Percy.
  • Local Investigative Specialized Reporting:
    • William Sherman of the New York Daily News, for his resourceful investigative reporting in the exposure of extreme abuse of the New York Medicaid program.
  • National Reporting:
    • Jack White of The Providence Journal and Evening Bulletin, for his initiative in exclusively disclosing President Nixon's Federal income tax payments in 1970 and 1971.[1]
  • National Reporting:
    • James R. Polk of the Washington Star-News, for his disclosure of alleged irregularities in the financing of the campaign to re-elect President Nixon in 1972.
Burst of Joy, the prize-winning feature photograph
The prize-winning series of spot news photographs, Fatal Hollywood Drama

Letters, Drama and Music Awards

Special Citations and Awards

  • Music:
    • Roger Sessions, a special citation to Roger Sessions for his life's work as a distinguished American composer.


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